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Suzi clapped, "Very nice, beag.com why don't you try on the prom dress!" "Please mistress, don't make me. I'll do anything!" "Yes beeg 4k you will do anything, and beeg xnxx what you will do is try on the prom dress" Suzi ordered. "Yes Mistress Suzanne" Eddie mumbled. Suzi was smiling now, I never managed how enjoyable humiliating my husband beegs could be she thought to herself. Eddie seems to be taking a bit beag.com of a long time, "What beeg sexxn is taking you so long?" "Please don't make me....." Eddie started to whine, "Shut-up and come out you little sissy" Suzi shouted. A couple of the girls in the changing rooms laughed at this, much to beegporn Eddie's humiliation as he beeg came out of the changing room. "You look perfect EDWARD", Suzi put the beeg milf beeg/ emphasis on his male name to make him feel even more humiliated. "Right, get changed back and come out" Suzi ordered. By the time Eddie came out of the changing rooms, word had gotten round the store of the Sissy in the changing rooms. "Come along, lets pay for these." Suzi said. "But I can't wear www.beeg com these, I'm a man!" Eddie milf beeg whispered. "Don't be silly, have you looked in the mirror?" Suzi snapped, "You don't look much like a man to me!" Suzi walked up to the checkout, "I would like to buy these for my little sissy here!" When the girl at the checkout smiled, Eddie cringed. "Say thank-you to the lady Edele!" Suzi ordered "Thank-you for letting beeg com. me shop here mistress" Eddie said quietly. "Your welcome, come back any time" the girl said with a grin. "I..." beeg .com Eddie began, "Of course SHE will" Suzi said, and lead Eddie out of the shop. Once outside the whispered Sissy's Home in Eddie's ear and Edele returned once more. "Oh, thank-you for all the nice new clothes Mistress Suzanne" Edele said in a happy voice, "Can we buy me some makeup now?" "Of course dear" Suzi replied, knowing full well how much Eddie will be embarrassed with this. After beeg tubes a five minute walk, beeg..com Suzi and Edele came up to a cosmetics and sex beeg accessories shop. Once inside Edele's eyes opened wide in excitement and she began to pick out colours beeg come she liked left, right and centre. All of the colours were pinks, pastels and reds. Finally they had a salesgirl pick out the correct beeg video foundation for Edele. When they left Edele had a full selection of makeup, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, foundation, nail polish - the works. She also now had pierced ears and several pairs of earrings and necklaces and a tiara free porn beeg to go with the prom dress. Next they went to a Lingerie store and bought several sets of Lingerie for beegcom Edele and more pairs of tight's and stockings. Edele also picked out two pairs of pajamas, both in extremely feminine patterns and two satin beeg 4k nighties. "Where are we going now Mistress Suzanne" Edele said in an exited voice. "We are going to see my friend www.beeg Mistress Jessica" Suzi replied After a ten minute walk, Suzi and Edele reached Jessica's Fetish Wares and entered the shop. "Good afternoon Mistress Suzanne" Melissa beeg.coom said, "Mistress Jessica is upstairs, please go up." Once upstairs Suzi embraced Jessica in a hug. "Hello Jessica, you beeg jepang look well" Suzi beeg movies said. "I am and...." Jessica paused, " My god, is this Eddie?" "Indeed it is!" Suzi said with a grin on her face. "My how adorable she has become!" Jessica exclaimed. "Edele, this is Mistress Jessica" Suzi beeg poto instructed. Edele went to her knees and grovelled before Jessica, "Hello Mistress Jessica, it is an honor to be in your presence!" "How cute, you have done a really good job with her programming Suzi!" Jessica said. "Yes, we have just been shopping and my little sissy chose some really cute outfits." Suzi said, "Why don't you model your outfits for us dear" "I'd love to Mistress" Edele said with joy. "You can use the room out wwwbeeg back to change Edele" Jessica said. While Edele was getting changed Suzi and Jessica carried on talking, "I got Eddie really embarrassed on the train, Edele had started flirting with a couple of 'macho' guys and started to grope one of them when I changed her back into Eddie. And just when the guy started to giver her a beegporn long wet kiss too!" Suzi exclaimed. "Oh, how perfect is that!" Jessica exclaimed, "that must have crushed beeg . his ego!" Just then Edele came out in her prom gown, sandals and Tiara. Walking .beeg with an exaggerated sway, but with a joyous look on her face. Jessica started clapping and started to speak, "The dress is perfect for her, and so feminine too!". Edele showed off the other beeg gesetz two outfits and came back in dressed in the clothes she beeg video had come in. Jessica walked to the intercom, "Melissa shut the shop beeg mom and close the blinds" turning to Suzi and Edele she spoke, "Shall we go downstairs and see what else beeg. com we can find for your little sissy?" "Why beeg porn videos not, come tube beeg along Edele" Suzi instructed. Once downstairs Jessica walked over to a rack, "I think I have the perfect thing for your little sissy to do the housework in" Jessica said pulling out a pink satin maids uniform and a pair of matching ankle boots with a 4" heel and padlocks round the top. "Oh, you are right that is perfect for her" beeg sex video Suzi said, "Edele go and try this on in the changing room" "Melissa, go and help her!" Jessica instructed After a few minutes, Edele and Melissa reappeared. "Edele you look sweet in that maids outfit" Suzi said as Melissa handed beeg mp4 the keys for Edele's padlocks to her. Suzi thought for a moment, "Sleep Sissy" Suzi instructed and Edele entered the trance-like state that allows further instructions to be applied. "Edele, whenever you are dressed beeg porche in your beeg ass maids uniform you will always have an unresistable urge to complete the chores beeg lesbian given to you. Doing your chores will excite you sexually. Only when the chores are done will you be able to remove your maids uniform. Whether Edele or Eddie, if you try to remove the uniform before your tasks are done will bring you beeg/ great pain as if you are trying to pull your skin off.Wake up Edele." Edele blinked as if confused and returned to normal. "Edele, your chore for today is to xxx beeg clean the house when we return home. "Suzi pause and with a wicked grin said "Eddie's Back" Eddie regained control, "Why is it so drafty...... Mistress" he added just xxxbeeg in time. Suzi pointed to the mirror. Eddie walked over to it and saw looking back a beautiful young woman dressed in a pink satin maids uniform with lots of ruffled petticoats under the skirt, a pink satin beeg indian cap and pink patient leather ankle boots with padlocks attached beeg.com/ to the top. "What the hell have you got me wearing now bitch!" Eddie shouted, forgetting the consequences of his actions. "Why if you don't like the maids uniform, just take it off" Suzi said with a grin. Eddie not noticing the tone in Suzi's voice went to pull beeg porn videos off the cap and yelled in pain as he felt beeg anal his hair pulling out, not understanding he tried to pull down www beeg.com the dress and received another terrible pain as if he was trying beeg xnxx to pull his skin beeeg off. "What have you done beeg vids bitch, glued it to me!" "Nothing of the sort you little pansy, it is simply that until you have completed your chores trying to remove the uniform beeg anal brings great pain to beeg xx you. And I have www beeg com told you about beeg com being beeg.coom disrespectful" Suzi shouted and gave him a hard slap beeg lesbian round the face that beeg hot sent beeg tube him to the floor. Sissy's Home Edele returned, "I'm www.beeg.com sorry mistress beeg tubes it won't happen again!" "See that it does not!" Suzi commanded. Turning to Jessica Suzi spoke, beeg porno "Why don't you and Melissa come over tomorrow for dinner?" "We'd love to" Jessica replied. Suzi teen beeg payed for the maids uniform beeg.con and called for a cab, as they had bought too much to carry back. All the milf beeg way back Edele wore her new french maids xnxx beeg uniform. As soon as they beeh got home Edele turned to Suzi , "Shall I clean the house now mistress?" First you will beeg..com put away all your new purchases, then you will clean the house. Once you have finished, remove your uniform and put on one of your new lingerie beegxxx sets and a nightie and come beeh into the lounge. After two hours Edele appeared in www beeg the lounge wearing her waist clincher, free beeg a pink satin teddy, panties, nightie beeg sexxx and the ankle boots still locked to begg her feet. Edele walked up to Suzi, "How may I be of service mistress?" "Service me beeg jepang Edele" Suzi commanded. Edele pulled down Suzi's panties and put her head under her skirt, she began to give oral sex to Suzi. Edele must be hot, she's driving me wild thought Suzi. Just as the thought left Suzi's mind beeg hd a multiple orgasm hit her. "You may cum Edele" Suzi said and Edele's body shook with a violent orgasm teen beeg from all the sexual energy that had built up through the day and she then came in her panties. Edele you have messed up www.beeg your panties, clean them immediately!" Suzi ordered. Edele looking ashamed pulled off her panties and started to walk away to wash them. "I didn't say you could leave, clean them with your mouth." With that command, Edele buried her face in xnxx beeg the panties and devoured every last drop of semen in them and beeg porche put them back on. Edele gave a happy beeg black smile as she licked away the last remnants of semen around her mouth. "Eddie's Back" Suzi said. Eddie's eye's widened at what he had just beeg moms done and the taste of semen in his mouth. "Oh my god, did I really just do that?" "I just wanted to see your reaction" Suzi said. "Anyway tomorrow Jessica and Melissa are coming over for dinner, You are to wear your new gown and act as the proper hostess" Eddie just gave a groan. "Sissy's Home" Suzi said. Chapter 3 : Eddie's beeeg video debut. The following morning when Suzi woke Edele tube beeg up she gave her instructions, beeg 18 "Edele you will put on your maids uniform and clean the house, once you have done that beeg massage you will prepare dinner for six o'clock in the evening. Just before serving beeg sex video dinner you will change into your gown, sandals and tiara" "Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied beeg.com and went to her wardrobe and got out her maids uniform. Suzi walked into the siting room and sat down to watch telly, something that she had not been able to do for years. I beeg coom have beeg com. to admit she beeg teen thought to herself, I should have done this long ago. When six o'clock came, there was a knock on the door, and Edele answered dressed in her pink gown, sandals www.beeg..com and with her porno beeg new tiara on site beeg.com beeg her head. Edele was glamourously made up and looked stunning. "Please show us in Edele" Jessica said. "Of course Mistress Jessica" replied Edele. Suzi and Jessica embraced each other and Edele led them all to the table, there were four plates with roast chicken and several bowls containing various beeg mp4 vegetables on the table. After dinner Suzi whispered into beeg moms Jessica's ear, and Jessica mom beeg began to grin. Suzi turned .beeg to Edele "Eddie's Back" Jessica addressed Melissa, "Melissa why don't you go and help Edele freshen up" Just before Melissa got up Jessica whispered some instructions into Melissa's beegs https //beeg.com ear. Melissa began to smile. Eddie reluctantly followed Melissa up the stairs to his new beeg ass bedroom. "I have set up a video camera in Edele's room for just such an occasion as this, to record just a little extra to control my sissified hubby with. We can watch it in the lounge." Suzi said. Suzi and Jessica moved into the lounge, closed the curtains, turned on the telly and started to watch what was happening in Edele's room. Melissa removed Eddie's tiara and started wwwbeeg to remove his gown, not wasting any opportunities to run her hand over Eddie's feminized body. Melissa now removed Eddie's panty girdle, releasing his rock hard cock. Leaning over to Eddie Melissa whispered in Eddie's b eeg ear and Eddie's features went blank for a few minutes. Moving down his body, Melissa began to suck on Eddie's hard cock bringing him higher and higher but then she reluctantly left his cock and rolled him indian beeg over. Before Eddie knew what was happening Melissa had shoved her rock hard member into Eddies But hole and started pumping away both Melissa and Eddie climaxed at the same time. But being far from spent, and driven by subliminal command they entered a 69 position and beeg moms started sucking away at each others cocks and finally exploding in each others beeg com mouths and swallowed deeply. The moment that happened Eddie returned to his male self again. Eddies ego was finally crushed and defeated with the realization that he had enjoyed sex with another man, albeit a feminized one and it had been Eddie as Edele had not been reactivated. Suzi and Jessica came in and stood www beeg in the door looking at free beeg their sissies. "So Eddie, beeg come how do you feel?" smirked Suzi as she walked over to the hidden video camera. "You see, I have recorded your entire session with Melissa so that if you ever disobey me again I hd beeg will begin to circulate the tape around everyone you know. Your life would be over." "Sissy's Home" Suzi said and www.beeg.com Edele once more came to the front. Suzi continued to speak, "Edele, starting tomorrow you will begin your beeq.com new duties. You www beeg com will awaken at six o'clock each morning, take care of your makeup, wig and dress in beeg lesbian your maids uniform. You will then make me breakfast and take it to me in bed. After that is completed you will follow whatever instructions I have for you, is that indian beeg clear?" "Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele said. Chapter 4 : Slave to the future. In the morning when Edele had made Suzi breakfast she awaited further instructions. "Edele fetch me our club catalogue and then do the washing up followed with the ironing." "Yes mistress" Edele replied and walked off. While Edele was taking care of the chores Suzi got dressed, picked up the catalogue and prepared to go to work. "Edele once you have completed your chores you will go and do the shopping, beegxx There is a card with your name on that you can use in the lounge." "Of course mistress" Edele replied. At work Suzi started looking through the catalogue at clothes for Edele. These would be for a final humiliation of Eddie. That afternoon when Suzi returned home she was greeted by Edele, dressed in her new black beeg porn full length satin skirt and satin fuchsia blouse. "Edele follow me to the lounge" Suzi ordered. Edele beeg.com/ closed the door and followed Suzi, "Eddie's Back" Suzi said. "What do you want now www.beeg Mistress, haven't beeg free I been humiliated enough already?" Eddie whined. "No, you haven't now shut up and take out Edele's switch card" "What do you want me to do with it?" Eddie asked. "You are going to order some new clothes dear, after beeg porn all you can't live with just three outfits!" Suzi smiled. "I am going out for a few beeg hairy hours, take care" but just before she went she bent beeg hairy over to whisper some instructions in Eddie's ear. And as with Melissa, Eddie's face went blank while he received them and showed no knowledge beeg beeg of having received them. On her way out Suzi chuckled to herself "He thinks that he will be able to get away with ordering male clothing, wait till he sees what arrives!" Eddie started to think that Suzi had made a mistake, "Silly cow" he said to beeg .com himself, "I can now order some male clothing" Eddie picked up the catalogue and the phone. Shifting uncomfortably in his clothes he dialed the number for orders. "Hello how may I help you?" it was the same male voice that had answered when he last phoned up. "Hi, I xxx beeg phoned up a short time ago about some replacement beeg sexxn clothes because my wife threw mine out?" "Of porn beeg course I remember you, how have you managed with no clothes" beeg gesetz said the voice. "Just barely, I now have a valid card once beeg porno more and need some clothes delivered ASAP it is beeg indian an emergency. " Eddie read out https //beeg.com the switch number. "Yes the number is valid, what do you need?" Just as Eddie was about to tell the man what he wanted, now I'll beeg.com be able to get out of here if beeg xxx that bitch doesn't turn me back into Edele he thought. That evening when Eddie was making dinner, as for some reason Suzi had not changed him back into Edele Suzi called to beeg mature him. "Eddie there is a package here for you." "Why don't you open it Eddie" Suzie said with a smirk. Thinking he would be www.beeg..com caught with male clothing he beeg hindi hesitantly opened the package. Inside was site beeg.com beeg anything but what he thought he had ordered. He pulled out 5 outfits, and beeg vids none of them were what he had ordered. The first outfit he pulled out was a beeg-com red velour mini-dress with no sleeves and an beeg movies oval hole above the bust area, next came another mini-dress, this one was black beeg.c and had short sleeves, two thick white stripes across the bust and slits up mom beeg the side of what little skirt there was. Third in the box was a two part set of white silk sleeveless tunic and a dark blue silk mini-skirt. Fourth was a red silk 'V' neck tunic with a short black cotton skirt with lace trimmings. Last of all was a dark red 'V' neck Tee with a white tennis skirt and a long black coat/cardigan with a feathery trim. There was also a pair of black patient 2" pumps, a pair of pink trainers and a pair of black leather boots with a 2" block heel. Eddie looked shocked at what he was seeing. "Not what you expected dear, perhaps you expected male clothing?" Suzy enquired free porn beeg "you see, just before I left I беег gave you a small hypnotic command that would make you beeg. com and always will anal beeg make you choose female clothing instead of beeg mom male clothing when you order from the catalogue. But you will never realize bee what you have really ordered until it arrives." Suzy chuckled "I can just imaging when you told the operator that wwwbeeg you were desperate for some clothes and order female items instead of male!" beeg com. with that Suzy spoke the magic words, "Sissy's Home" Edele gave Suzie a hug, "Thank-you for the new clothes Mistress Suzanne, they are perfect. In fact I think I will go and try them on now!" with beeg . that remark Edele picked up her new clothes and footwear and went upstairs to try them on. Just as Edele disappeared up the stairs the phone rang and Suzi answered, "Hello, beeg sexxx Suzi Cole speaking." "Hi Suzi, it's Jessica here. I'm just phoning to see how your sissy beeg free beeg .com is doing." "Just fine Jessica, I played a little trick on him this morning that worked out better beeq.com than I had expected. Why don't you come round and see the results." "Can't wait, I'll be right over." Jessica replied, Suzi put down the phone. Suzi walked up to Edele's room, "Edele, Mistress Jessica is coming over to see me. You will беег run a little fashion show beegxx for us and show of your new outfits, but leave the red dress till last." "Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied. As Suzi started leaving, as an afterthought she added "Eddie's Back, Eddie as it was you who ordered the clothes I think it is only fair that you display them." Suzi walked out beeg beeg of the room without waiting for a reply and went downstairs to wait for b eeg Jessica. After ten minutes of waiting there was a knock on the door and Suzi let Jessica in. "Where is Edele then?" Jessica said with a porno beeg smirk. "Just getting ready, would you like to join me in the lounge?" Suzi and Jessica sat beeg tube down in the lounge and beegcom started to talk, "I thought it would be much better for Eddie to model his new clothes as beeg 18 it was he who ordered them." "He ordered them?" inquired Jessica. "Yes, beeg 18 I have given Edele a switch card for shopping with and I told him to get out the card and order some more clothes for his new wardrobe. I then told him I was going out for a few hours, but just before I left I gave him some extra commands. They would make beeg xx him order female clothing as he beeg x would undoubtedly try to order male clothing when I went out, but Eddie would only remember beeg xxx ordering the male clothes he wanted. Earlier when the package arrived on express delivery Eddie was expecting the male clothing he thought he ordered, you should have seen his face beeg-com when he saw a package full of female beeg sex clothing!" Suzi started to chuckle. "Did you tell him what to order?" "Nope, I left that to him, that is what beegxxx makes is so funny. He selected his clothes as if he were in his beeg videos Edele persona." Suzi beeg xx replied whilst still chuckling. Just beeg teen as Suzi finished Eddie appeared through the door wearing his red silk 'V' neck tunic with short beeg.con black cotton skirt with lace trimmings and his new black pumps, his face beeg xvideos was red with embarrassment. "How do I look Mistress Suzanne" Eddie beeg videos asked meekly. "Why you look cute in that outfit Eddie, don't you agree Jessica?" Suzi said. "Absolutely" Jessica said and pulled out a camera and took a photo of Eddie. "Now be a darling and change into your next outfit" Suzi instructed. When Eddie turned beegcom to leave, Jessica continued her conversation with Suzi. "Has she been trouble when she beeg x is Eddie?" "Not since our little trick yesterday and the mail ordering this morning!" Suzi said with satisfaction, "He seems to be calming down allot, How was Melissa when you beeg milf started feminizing her?" "Rebellious, until I put her on hormones. Now she has www.beeg..com quietend down and her figure has developed well too!" Jessica said. "Amazing, I never would have guessed. Are they difficult to get hold of?" Suzi asked. "Not very, I can get them in a variety of strengths and forms if you are interested." "Yes, how quickly could I get a result?" Suzi asked. "Within a month there should be visible signs." Jessica said. Feeling pleased Suzi replied, "Excellent, I'll do it. How soon can you get some for me?" "I have some in stock at my shop for my beeg/ 'special' customers. bee I can let you have some tomorrow." Jessica said. "Good, how much will I owe you?" Jessica thought for a moment and then replied, "You can settle with me once you have seen the sex beeg results on Edele." "Thank-you, can you drop them by my office beeg massage tomorrow?" Suzi asked. "No problem" Jessica said. When they looked round they saw Eddie come through the door, "Ah, Eddie do come in and show us your next beeg mature outfit please." Jessica said with a smile. Eddie walked in wearing his dark red 'V' neck Tee with white tennis skirt and long black coat/cardigan beeg with feathery trim, on his feet were his pink trainers. beeg hot "Pose for us Eddie" Jessica said with a hd beeg smirk then took another photo. Eddie sighed and placed his hands on his well rounded hips and had an indignant look on his face. "That's enough of that young lady" Suzi said in a raised voice, beeg. "It beeg hindi is not becoming of you to loose beeg.c your temper, and if it happens again you will be sorry! Now go and change into your next outfit like a good girl." Both Suzi and Jessica smiled at the way Eddie's shoulders slumped in www beeg.com defeat when he walked out. "I am so glad I came round Suzi, I haven't had this much fun since I feminized Melissa!" Jessica exclaimed. "I wish I could have seen it!" Suzi said, "But I have to say, he probably beeg hd deserved it more than Eddie." "You're probably right there" Jessica laughed, "But I am curious about what way you would punish Eddie" "Full media exposure and circulation of our video tape to his family and friends. At the end Eddie would have no choice but to be Edele." Suzi said. Eddie came through the door and gave no indication of having overheard the begg conversation, he xxxbeeg was wearing his white silk sleeveless tunic with dark blue silk mini-skirt and white pumps with 3" heel. Eddie was holding his right arm and looking miserable. Jessica took a photo of Eddie. By this time Eddie realized there was no beeg sex way out of his new life. "Eddie if you don't cheer up I may decide to punish you, this is your last warning" Suzi snapped. Eddie tried to make himself look xnxx beeg happy, but failed miserably beeg anal and slowly walked out of the room. "You know, if he carries on acting this way I may beeg xvideos just expose him for the sheer hell of it!" Suzi complained. "It beeeg anal beeg could be interesting to see beeg. the outcome though!" beeg poto Jessica said. "You have a good point there, did you ever expose Melissa?" Suzi asked. "No, it never got to that. I didn't think it was necessary" Jessica commented. Hearing Eddie coming down the stairs Suzi and Jessica finished their conversation and waited for the sissy's entrance. "This is Eddie's last chance" Suzi muttered. Eddie emerged beeg movies wearing his black mini-dress with short sleeves, two thick white stripes across the bust and slits up the side of what little skirt there was. On his feet were his black pumps with 2" heels. beeg coom Suzi noted that he still had not improved his attitude to a satisfactory level. "You've beeg xvideos beeg tubes had your chance little sissy, your punishment will be carried out but you will not know what it is until it is too late." Suzi snapped. "Now go porn beeg and change into your last outfit." Eddie with a red face left the room, Suzi turned to Jessica. "What the hell, I would have done it eventually anyway!". "Well, I will be b eeg reading the papers when you expose him!" Jessica exclaimed. In Eddie/Edele's room beag.com Eddie was muttering to himself, "Damn, what does she want from me? and why is she making me model th